P&ST – Where & When – Naples Shipping Week

Terminal Napoli

Molo Angioino
Stazione Marittima
80133 – Naples

2020 Edition

1 - 2 october 2020

The monumental building of the Maritime Station of Naples was built in 1936 and reflected the maritime transport needs that saw essentially connections to liner vessels.
Increasing cruise traffic, the Maritime Station has adapted its structures to better respond to the changing needs of passengers. His spaces, while respecting the architectural lines, have been recently restored and organized on the airport model.

Today the Maritime Station welcomes ships and passengers by offering modern and functional facilities.
Recently its spaces have been subject to restoration and were born the conference center and shopping center.

The conference center is located on the head that overlooks Piazza Municipio, where the sea surrounds his city.
The shopping center is situated in front of the sea. Shops, bars, restaurants are provided for passengers, but also open to the whole of Naples.