#Green Shipping & Maritime Energy Transition Financing – Naples Shipping Week


16:30 – 18:00
The conference will also be available in streaming

#Green Shipping & Maritime Energy Transition Financing

The first post-Covid signs suggest that there will be no slowdown towards the realization of the energy transition in maritime transport, perhaps only some lengthening in the times of some extremely aggressive regional schemes. Maritime companies must therefore face the problem of obtaining the capital necessary for the renewal of fleets in a slowdown situation. And it is not yet known how much this slowdown will go on for any activity. The session examines the state of the art of specific tools already in place and some potential for financing innovation in shipping.


  • Green Finance to support the low-carbon transition of shipping.
  • The European Green Deal, Next Generation UE and financing for the energy transition in shipping
  • The “green” policies of large private financial institutions
  • Green funds, will they have a role in supporting the transition?


Chairman: Davide Maresca, Managing Partner, Studio Legale Maresca&Partners

Title TBD
Michele Acciaro, Head of Logistics Department and Associate Professor of Maritime Logistics, Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg

Title TBD
Ivana Melillo, Fleet Performance Manager d’Amico Group, e Tech Expert of Sustainability Committee Finance and Maritime Taxonomy, ECSA

Title TBD
Fabrizio Vettosi, Advisor, Confitarma

The Opportunities & Challenges to the Shipping sector in the EU ETS and Carbon Offsetting
Jacopo Visetti, Co-founder, Aither CO2